Coomber Innovation

We work closely with our partners to engineer a perfect solution for you.


What We Do

Concept consultancy | Feasibility and prototyping | Innovative design | Creative production engineering | High quality, efficient assembly | Comprehensive manufacturing expertise | Flexible procurement and distribution partner


Why Work With Us

We have over 110 years experience both designing and building our own high quality products as well as helping partners with their varied manufacturing needs. We are here to listen, with a genuine desire to help you achieve the right solution for the long term. Not only do we have extensive equipment with the skills to match, we will share our knowledge and experience with you, we are flexible, realistic and accountable.

The Innovation Hub

We grow ideas from original concepts to breakthrough innovations.

Coomber Innovation engineering solutions are transforming businesses, changing markets and making customers say “Wow!” Our top projects include the revolutionary lift safety systems and innovative recording & streaming DJ sets. Our Innovation Hub bridges the gap between your original idea and the final product. There is no particular stage you need to be at with your project. You decide when you want to involve us. Coomber Innovation can take care of your ideas from design to production.


Design and Prototype

Get a head start in your field and keep ahead of your competition by working with our team. Our tried and tested efficient design principles can help you save time and money early on.  

Production Assembly

We provide total product assembly and top-notch electronics. In our electronics lab we combine ultra fast and precise machinery with our engineers’ know-how for all your PCB requirements.

Sub-contract Manufacturing

Everything you need under one roof for your final assembly. Our production team is always ready to work based on your requirements for control panels, sheet metalwork, wiring and testing.