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Lift Safety Mechanism in partnership with Atwell International

We have co-developed together with Atwell International the mechanical arrangements electronics, electrical controls interfaces and firmware to ensure the products fully comply with the CE standards and regulations for safety critical components and systems for lifts.

Atwell’s safety systems made in conjunction with Coomber can be found in commercial and cargo lifts from Tower Bridge, London to the worlds major cruise ships, from Alpine ski lifts to funicular railways, and from the James Bond film set to Harrods department store in Kensington.

“The diversity of our products, design expertise and ingenuity have led to us supplying a unique set of safety systems for the worlds first Transformers roller-coaster ride in Singapore, and for Universals flagship attraction site in Hollywood, California” said Atwell International MD, Russell Walker.

These high profile installations help to establish the range of VG safety products as the ultimate in lift safety equipment!

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Posted on

8th September 2016